the digital pix

I have been shooting digital since 1999, but I am coming back to “analog” film photography, partly because I have missed it, partly because, as an artist, I feel the need to change my creative outlets from time to to and film will do that. For a while, I was doing portraits and weddings. It’s challenging work these days, particularly if you’re not at the “high end” of the industry. With smartphones so prevalent, everyone’s taking pix at weddings and people dont want to pay for the photographer to apply his/her art.

These are digital photos, but soon, I’ll start posting my film pics

The Model

The Beach Wedding

This wedding was so much fun. The bride and her groom mixed two families together and created a new, larger family. Wonderful experience on the beach.

The Loving Couple

One of the many shots I took as I worked to capture the essence of my subjects, rather than just snap a photo. Interaction on a very personal level is important, because the subject has to trust you, and know that you’re both trying to create something beautiful.

This couple had just said their marriage vows. I wanted something to show their love for one another, that wasn’t a typical facing the camera shot.

Photography is my artistic outlet.

The Ballerinas

Those Eyes


Here’s some digital pix from various times over the past five years. I love to travel and photograph. Sometimes, I do video, but mostly pix.

Sushi restaurant, Costa Mesa, California
La Jolla, California
Laguna Beach, California
Near Monument Valley, Utah.
Laguna Beach, California